Agenda Topics

This year’s agenda will provide broad exposure to Idaho National Laboratory control systems cybersecurity capabilities and ongoing work, including:


·        A classified threat briefing and discussions of adversary kill chain methodologies to provide overall context.

·        Exposure to ongoing control system supply chain risk and mitigation projects.

·        Demonstrations of recently developed tools and methodologies, such as: 

o   Structured Threat Intelligence Graph (STIG): A method to easily share threat information with owners and operators of critical infrastructure.

o   Consequence-driven Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE): an intelligence and engineering focused approach to securing the most critical assets.

o   All Hazards Analysis (AHA) Tool: A method to identify cyber security weaknesses across the threat spectrum. 

·        Tours of malware reverse engineering, chip de-encapsulation and control system exploitation laboratories, along with more specialized areas, such as those focused on engine control vulnerability and analysis.

·        In-depth discussions about current and emerging control systems cyber security training, including the DHS “Red/Blue” training program and newly launched programs tailored for specific military service branches.

·        Opportunities for deep dives into specific areas of interest and/or discussions about potential collaborations of specific interest to attendees and the organizations they represent.