Location / Meeting Access Directions

Closest Airport to INL: Idaho Falls Regional Airport (IDA):


The 2019 HPCOR meeting will take place at INL’s new Collaborative Computing Center (C3) located at 955 MK Simpson Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID 83415. An INL Visitor badge is required to access C3. You must first visit the Willow Creek Building (WCB) to be badged before visiting C3.

Getting Here:

  1. From the Idaho Falls Regional Airport, take N. Skyline Drive to Grandview Drive.
  2. Continue on Grandview Drive. Take Hwy 20 E. to Fremont Ave. Take the exit toward Riverside Drive from Hwy 20 E.  
  3. Continue on Fremont Ave. until you arrive at Willow Creek Building (WCB) located at 1955 Fremont Ave. Idaho Falls, ID 83415. 
  4. When you enter the front of WCB, you will be required to be buzzed in by a guard. Use the landline phone to your right to call the guard desk and let the guard know you are there to pick up a Visitor Badge for the HPCOR Meeting. Visitors requesting access to INL facilities must present identification that is Real ID compliant in order to be authorized access, otherwise, their access request will be denied. Acceptable documentation that is Real ID compliant can be found at https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/identification 
  5. Once you have obtained your INL Visitor badge, proceed to the Collaborative Computing Center (C3) by exiting the WCB and turn left on Fremont Ave. Continue onto N 5th W/E River Rd. 
  6. Turn left onto MK Simpson Blvd. Proceed straight until you reach the Collaborative Computing Center (C3) located at 955 MK Simpson Boulevard, Idaho Falls, ID 83415.
  7. Visitor parking for C3 is shown in image C. INL staff will be at the entrance of C3 to sign you in and direct you to the conference room. 
  8. See images A, B, C for details. 

Room Layout and Laptops:

Board Room style seating will be available for this meeting. Power will be provided at tables for laptops. Laptops and cell phones are allowed to be used in the C3 building. 

Image A: Idaho Falls Regional Airport to Willow Creek Building (WCB)

Image B: Willow Creek Building (WCB) to Collaborative Computing Center (C3)

Image C: Collaborative Computing Center (C3) Parking