Friday Morning Tours


About SwRI:

"We are R&D problem solvers providing independent, premier services to government and industry clients. Our multidisciplinary nature allows us to rapidly assemble diverse teams to tackle problems from multiple directions. We push the boundaries of science and technology to develop innovative solutions that advance the state of the art and improve human health and safety. Operating as a nonprofit since our 1947 inception, we work in the public’s best interest and toward the betterment of mankind. And as a contract R&D organization, we are here when you need us."

About the Tour:


About SAOEM:

“The mission of the City of San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (SAOEM) is to coordinate activities of the City departments responsible for continued operations during disasters, coordinate agreements for the use of resources, communicate with State and Federal agencies, and provide education and training to citizens and municipal employees.”

Our Products:

  • Ready South Texas: Homeland security is no longer solely law enforcement's responsibility. It calls for a collaborative effort among citizens, corporations and the government. The City of San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas Division of Emergency Management and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are working together to strengthen local and national security.
  • San Antonio Flood Emergency (SAFE) System: The potential for serious flooding continues to be present in San Antonio. The City of San Antonio has developed a flood public education and flood preparedness program called SAFE San Antonio Flood Emergency System. The mission of SAFE is to provide early flood notification during heavy rain events and educate the public on actions necessary to protect life and property.
  • Ready to Respond Video Series: Our Ready to Respond video series with ASL. Learn how to be Ready to Respond to the next natural disaster, active, threat, or emergency through watching these stories and videos. 


About UTSA:

The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) is a multicultural discovery enterprise institution with more than 32,000 students. It is the largest university in the San Antonio metropolitan region.  UTSA houses nine colleges, including the College of Engineering.  UTSA's College of Engineering a major public provider of undergraduate and graduate engineering education in South Texas with an enrollment exceeding 3,400 students.  We are one of the top colleges for producing the most Hispanic engineers nationwide.  If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the increasingly high-tech world of the 21st century, engineering is the correct choice and UTSA is the right place to be.  One the tour today, you will see some of the new state-of-the-art engineering facilities we have constructed to enhance engineering research and education at UTSA.

About the Tour:

  • UTSA Large-Scale Testing LaboratoryThe Large-Scale Testing Laboratory is a 15,000 square foot x 50-foot tall steel facility and has a 40x80 foot reaction floor. The thickness of the reaction floor ranges from 3-5 feet thick, and provides the capability to apply test loads up to four million pounds of force, making portions of the floor the strongest in the nation. The laboratory has dual cranes with 30-ton capacity to load, unload, and transport heavy specimens and has the capacity to test large-scale systems and components with spans of up to 70 feet. The facility also houses offices for students, faculty and staff, and a conference room, where visitors can observe tests as they are performed in the lab.
  • The Autonomous Control Engineering (ACE) LabThe ACE Lab has research in the following areas: Robotics, Machine Learning, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Autonomous Water Vehicle, Renewable Energy and Cloud Computing. The ACE Lab is active in undergraduate engineering and graduate research, as well as partnerships with local businesses, other universities, and government agencies.